Friday, April 13, 2007

Religion Custom Constitution And Misinterpretation

News (is it a news?): Complaint against Tendulkar for dishonouring flag.

A response (from an Indian of course):

I have been to many games and other events here in united states.. (like rodeo events , concerts) When they sing national anthem here.. even I get goose pimples.

Really... when all of them stood and sang their national anthem I could really sense their feelings.

Here they are allowed to use the flag where ever they want and seem to be proud of it. If someone is misusing it is his problem and shows that guys character. And even the horriblest people in this country seemed to be more united and unnimous when it comes to their country!!

Why cant we have that???

An observation (True, isn't it?):
Because somewhere, down the line of evolution of our culture, a huge chunk of the society lost the way. It started
- Respecting the symbol more than its meaning
- Loving the system than trying to understand what it is built for
- Misinterpreting religions, customs, laws and even constitution, just to facilitate/justify their own way of doing things.
That's what this is!

And a comment (I agree):
Exactly. Look at indian vegetarians (pardon me , no offence to any one)

Their reason to be/remain vegetarian is one of the fine examples of loving the system rather than trying to understand it.. People who doesn’t even want to smell egg, should never be eating cakes, if they happen to eat an egg then they should go to temple and do some pooja to get rid of the "bad" effects. Like they used to do when touched by an un-touchable.

I have a few friends, who are pure vegetarians, because they love animals not because their grandapa told them not to.

Our system is successful in creating Hippocratic ideologies that average indian is forced to believe in to. They have been brainwashed so much, to the extent that, the system has successfully managed to make people trust it completely without having to think about it.

We have been taught not to question anything but respect the rule.

I was faced with two decisions to make, one the "system way", other my natural instincts to question "why". At one point I learned, I have only two choices, either assimilate with the system with your stand point, or leave.

I am sure, when the constitution was written, all they intended was not to disrespect the flag. For a huge population like india with below average education, only way they could achieve this was by restricting them the use of flag.

But, I am kind of hopeful about the current government. They seem to know what they are preaching. Dr Manmohan Sing gave speech yesterday about the indian judiciary . Did u get a chance to read/watch?