Sunday, July 23, 2006


At last, today I took a firm decision to buy a wallet.
Then I felt relieved as if a heavy load is off my head.

I take out debit card from my pocket... to pay in any shop or cinema or restaurant...
My friends, colleagues and people around express surprise and advise me to have a wallet.
Harsha had already told me to buy me to buy a wallet and carry it.

I ask "why?"
I have asked Harsha, Aaraj and who ever advised me.
All of them said the same thing which could not convince me:
"Chances of losing your credit card is less when it is in your wallet, than in your pocket."
"You can carry all your important documents and other cards and some cash in a wallet"
"You can feel a wallet in your pocket, and can realize soon if you forget or lose it."
"Carrying a wallet always with you is a sign that you are a grown up man."

I am still not convinced because:
1. Chances of losing it increase because a wallet tempts attackers or pickpocketers
2. You can carry cash, docs and other cards in wallet, but what about the chances of losing all at once?
3. Feeling a wallet is unconfortable, it makes your trousers uneven, sitting uneasy.
4. Who should I send the sign that I am grown up man?

None of my doubts are answered by them, but they consider I am unusual.
They are right. Almost everybody carries a wallet.

In US, people talk all over about identity theft and related fraud.
One day I lost my debit card.
I am bothered about it and thought of transfering all my money to Harsha's account, for safety.
After launching a massive search operation, I found it and felt relieved.
I also found out later that, Aaraj hide it there.

In this weak moment I decided to buy and carry a wallet with me.
At least currency notes will be free of wrinkles :)

Till today I used to think wallet is the new name of a purse.
Because the only such thing I ever have seen in my house is a black leather purse that had used by my mother.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Art Of Love

Just an hour back I have watched the famous Mira Nairs' movie "Kama Sutra - A tale of love" in HBO channel.
This is second time. This time also it was beautiful, but in a little different way.
I have seen it in 1999 in my friends' personal computer. I was doing my graduation then in Kadapa.

First Time:
Motivation factor to watch the movie is everybody's knowledge. Leaving this apart...
It was the music that attracted me the most.
Who doesn't appreciate the sound of Tabala and Saarangee!?
Hats off to the idea of using Subha Mugdals' wonderful voice.
At the time of writing this I am listening to her classical hindusthani vocals from

Second Time:
A few dialogues in this film and the visual beauty of every scene... photography if I may call it.

Maya To Jaikumar: "You have no power over me, I am not your servant."
JaiKumar realizes and proposes to Maya: "A servant can be a master in disguise."

TheKing to his queen Tara: "I know you hate me."
Tara pauses a while and says: "No Raj, I do not love you enough to hate you."

Mayas' voice as walks in a windy and dusty path in the last scene: "Life is right in any case. One got to be prepared for what ever it takes ...with courage."

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Best Resolution

Ramu: hey chats
ChatsK :hey rams
ChatsK :how u?
Ramu: I am good
Ramu: I am working on improving my glamour
Ramu: How abt you
ChatsK :Good
ChatsK :I have to think abt it now
Ramu: my method is to stop thinking
Ramu: and sleeping not less than 8 hours a day
Ramu: glamour improves automatically. Our HOD in college used to say this: class lo endukee allari, intiki poi haigaa nidrapondi, glamour ainaa perugutundi kadaa!? [why do you disturb others here in classroom, go home and sleep well, it improves atleast your looks]
ChatsK :yes
Ramu: I suffered severe headache for the last one month... that is after I bought the laptop
ChatsK :Ohhh...don't get tight with that man
Ramu: and I was watching a lot of TV "Everybody loves Raymond, Sex n city, Friends, Movies, Telugu DVDs, Tennis, Football etc"
ChatsK : Laptop is addiction
Ramu: it's 4 months since I came to Houston... three months I had only one tablet...last one month I took 4 tablets...
Ramu: then I talked to a doctor friend ... he suggested a few tablets as usual, and then told me to meditate
Ramu: all these are for the cure
Ramu: I asked him -- the prevention?
ChatsK :Don't take tablets much...reduce on laptop
Ramu: you are right... akkadike vastunnaa [coming to the same point]... I asked the doctor "sleeping well helps?"
Ramu: doctor said "The Best."
ChatsK :so, u decided to sleep a lot..
Ramu: doctor: "computer monitor, laptop, TV and light all are stimulating factors for migraine." ... and he told as if he has seen me suffering... he said all my headache symptoms --vomiting sensation, photo-phobia, nerve pain etc
Ramu: so I am implementing it now
Ramu: I have not touched my laptop for two days
Ramu: slept for 8 hours in the two days and will continue
ChatsK :ohh...
ChatsK :total 16 hrs?
Ramu: I can see the difference in office also
Ramu: I am able to smile a lot
Ramu: I am dealing with colleagues really well
ChatsK :Good...
Ramu: I am ready to take any load of work and am doing it with ease
ChatsK :yeah, that’s the power of laptop...
Ramu: though I am awake for less time... I am leading a quality life
Ramu: Inadequate sleep, oh my God, is hell... sleeping is the best medicine
Ramu: Kaavuna Arjunaa, nidura pommu
ChatsK :And sleeping with a partner is....
Ramu: "sleeping with" ... I guess would be wonderful
Ramu: it regulates body functionality
ChatsK :Yes, circulates blood in all parts and gives new energy
Ramu: energy for certain parts
Ramu: and that… temporarily minimizes blood supply to brain, causing sleep...which again is good for health
ChatsK :lot of benefits...with one task
ChatsK : J
Ramu: God bless me with a wonderful partner!!
ChatsK :He will bless u....
Ramu: ASAP
ChatsK :Then lok around...
ChatsK :look around...
Ramu: ... all I see looking around is chairs, tables, monitor, phone, water bottle, CDs, books, pen, stapler, etc...
Ramu: and Shipley donuts ... oh...I forgot to have breakfast
Ramu: I will do it now...
Ramu: I finished my assignment a bit fast ...yesterday itself, and today’s routine is done... waiting for new assignment
Ramu: how about you?
ChatsK :go ahead...breakfast is also important...
ChatsK :I had at home
Ramu: just had a bite of donut... now I knew how hungry I was
Ramu: this is some thing harmful to me: I do not know what to eat and when
Ramu: Many times when Harsha sees me suffering from headache, he gives me a wonderful coffee. It really helps. Until that moment I do not know I need coffee. When some one, mostly my father, gives me coffee I ENJOY it.
Ramu: All coffee donors -- sukheebhava.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Worst Sin Ever [July 12 3:02 PM]

It happened when I was around 9 years old, it still haunts me.
I have confessed it a lot of times, but even today I feel gulity and sinful.

Bhattupalli - a village of less than 40 families.
My father and his two sisters are born and brought up here.
I am, too, born and brought up here till I was 10 years old.

It was a Sankranthi season.
My father invited both his sisters' families for Sankranthi festival.
Now-a-days many educated people are calling it Pongal. I hate telugu poeple uttering "Happy Pongal".

Bhattupalli had no telephone, electricity, safe drinking water, etc.
Water was a big problem. No bore-wells.
People used to fetch water from an old well dug by the British rulers.
A bucket tied to coconut-coir-rope that is pulled over a pulley used to fetch water out of well.
Four to five iterations of this tedius work could fill a container with water that is sufficient for one person to take a bath.

After filling the container, people had to walk half a kilometer to reach home.
And back to the well another 0.5km just for another container-full of water.

When relatives come home, if at all they love you, they must help you in this.
After all my mother is new to it, not my father's sisters. It's their native place.
Water level drops too deep in the well during summer making a single rope insufficient.

During festival seasons a lot of relatives used to come to our home.
All ladies and kids used to fetch water from the well. That means there was love.

I remember walking home up hill with a small container of water (on my head) spilling over my face and dropping down all through soaking me.
It was enjoyable because it is a method of beating the heat.
Mom and aunts was not much bother about water wasted by us all the way.

One hot day I was asked to stay at home after I ran for a few rounds.
Mom and my dad's mom and sisters were fetching water. Lot of effort.

"An idle brain is the devil's desktop".

I started to fill all the containers at home to their MAXIMUM capacity.
My idea was to fill them with as much water as possible, so that I can take a LAVISH bath.
In that greed, I did not realize that I am spilling a lot of water, effectively wasting one container full.
Also, playing with water in that hot day was ... cool... fun.
Fun at the expense of hardwork of the four women.

Rupa (dad's younger sister's kid), hardly 4 years old, was watching me curiously.
Suddenly Rupa's mom came inside and saw water all over the floor.
She was physically weak too, so the work was much harder for her.
She flew into rages.
Rupa was curious.
I immediately pointed my finger towards the innocent girl Rupa.

One slap on Rupa's cheek.
Rupa started to weep crying in the highest pitch possible.
She shouted at Rupa, "Ramu(that's me) and we are putting a lot in it, and you are spoiling!!?"

I am given the credit of fetching water, just for two rounds from the well.
And Rupa is made the culprit. because she was a small innocent kid.

The next moment, I am struck with this feeling of "Sinfully guilty".
But I was not ready to tell the truth and spoil my "Ramu is a good boy" image.

Such a brute I was at that moment.

It haunts me often, I still believe -- I am going to be punished in a big way.
I am not worried about the punishment, but the guilt presses me hard.

The Struggle Is The Glory [June 30 1:26 PM]

I came to office to see Gopi's e-mail: "Reminder of the past...!!!".
It had this picture and a quote below it:

"The happiest people in the world are not those who have no problems,
but those who learn to live with things that are less than perfect !!"

We have had happy days spent in our home just like this, under rain drops from the roof.
We had a dog, a cat and a lot of chicken and cattle too.

I am feeling a little monotonous these days. I know the reason.
After I came to Houston and Gopi came to Bangalore on a better offer,
within three months we paid back all liabilities we had for our studies.
Now what ever I earn is mine in its entirety.
I have now nothing to worry about.
This is what I have been longing for my whole life.
But, after reaching at this point, it is neutral, calm and not much exciting.
Am I aimless? Is this the reason for the monotony?
My aim was to settle down financially. Not to heap property.
It was a lot of struggle.
We have seen a lot in life.
Had to stand out under the sun for not able to pay school fee.
At the same time, I was the topper in the class most of the times.
I got the highest marks in my mandal sarroundings in 7th class.
During plus two also I am pressed for fees, but thanks to my principal.
I got good education there but could not win a medical seat, which could have been a favor to the institute.
I lost my dairy (year 2000); in that I wrote this one day:
I must earn money. Money sufficient to buy a cool drink on a hot day.
Money to buy and eat a piece of cake.
Money to watch a movie at least once in three months.
And  the list doesn't go much forward.
A lot of memories.
The first tomato+egg curry we prepared one month after moms demise, when all relatives left.
[We are really (?) fortunate to have people stayed with us for a month in that moment.]
Wonderful days we spent in Kadapa doing my graduation. I got a few 'friends indeed' here.
Days in Hyderabad, I used to skip lunch by eating a mini 5 biscuit packet. Not long back, in 2004.
Days I used to work all the night in data-entry job (I got only Rs.350 for this) and used to go to college during day.
I am not the only one in data-entry. I found many other guys in worse condition. But I was the most educated among them.
There I have this thought: A lot of young talented poor people, deprived of resources to excel in their field.
I promised to myself: I would help at least one once I get a job and start earning.
Insults, triumphs, poverty all through (amma has seen only this part),
forgettable moments, unforgettable moments, jealous people in disguise,
moments of pride,  deep sorrow, great misunderstandings,
unwanted sympathy from people(it is difficult to take), unnecessary advisers,
false well-wishers, people always good at heart, real well-wishers,
friends indeed, back biters, opportunists, and many more.
I've always  believed in myself.
There was a time I was down hopeless.
And one of my 'friends indeed' invited me to join him in Bangalore looking for a job.
Once there I grew in confidence.
It seems funny now that, only then I started to speak in English as it is much needed to get a job in IT.
I had to, because Kannada is new to me then (September 2004).
I was so low in confidence that I was very hesitant to talk even with the guys working in bakery.
It seems hilarious now, I was not sure how to ask: "Do you have honey cake?" or "Do you sell honey cake?" or "Do you prepare ...?"
Slowly I learned to frame sentences.
But when I had to respond spontaneously... words wouldn't come out, I used to feel inferior.
I know grammar (but it was limited to writing exams), so I don't speak wrongly.
Even today, after two and a half year, I take time before I say something.
I excelled and earned respect at workplace because of my technical skills and hard work.
Both Harsha and I got this job in the very first attempt, clearing all five rounds with ease.
In fact we did not go to get the job. It was an attempt to learn more from the tests and to get experience.
My aim was to settle down financially. Not to heap property. I drew the line.

Now that I have my aim achieved. I am autonomous now.
I keep my promise by helping a few with in my limits.
I wish I would continue. It gives a kind of satisfaction.
I have earned respect in my workplace.
I am aimless now, clearly.
No fun without a challenge -- I know this fact, but experiencing now.
Aim should also be a need. Only then there is pleasure in achieving it.

Now that I better understand my favorite quote: "The Struggle Is The Glory."
I first heard it from the film "the Ghost and the Darkness", Starling is the character that says this dialogue.
This comes out of him after a wonderful week of "working together, accomplishing great deeds."

Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity -- Another Angle [June 16 9:36 AM]


I came home from office with a stripe of head-ache and tiredness; and also with a CD burnt with old devotional Telugu songs from


I am not into the devotion part of it, but I firmly believe -- the destiny of my search for melody ends in old classical music and lalita sangeetam into which category all Indian film songs come under.


Even though I have had thankful nights spent listening to AR.Rahman's tunes, have had moments where I felt like touching IlayaRaja's feet for the bliss his music has given to me; old songs are what takes me into the state of Moksha.


Today in office I carefully selected some melodic songs that are based on Karnataka classical music and having devotional touch.

The drive behind this collection of 'devotional' genre is, the pain I have been going through every morning for a few recent weeks.

The pain is caused by Harsha's obsession to start the day with some god-related songs.

I am fine with it but there is a tick.


For weeks together he played songs from the film 'Annamayya' every morning.

After that it was 'Shirdi Sai Mahatyam' for a few more weeks.

Recently it is Nagarjuna starer 'Sri Ramadasu'.

These songs, in my opinion, are molested to bring out the so called 'emotion' in the film.

These very Ramandasu keerthanas are beautifully rendered by the great Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna and some more people, with no distortion.

Having been listened to those marvelous ones, I am unable to bare these molested and twisted ones for the sake of this commercial film.

For example one line from the songs goes on saying how Lord SriRama has grown up “Allah tatvamuna allaru mudduga ...”

But to my knowledge, Islam and Allah are not as old as the lord SriRama.

How ever good these songs are for Harsha, one (at least me) can not endure them if played in the same sequence every morning.


Even though I do not believe in the worship and god-related procedures, I am not against people following them.

If doing Puja comforts the believers, playing devotional songs makes them happy, I am no one to interfere.

But the bug has born in me and it is murmuring in my ears -- "what kind of songs are they, how do you tolerate, they are boring, spoiling your morning ..." :-)


So this was the drive that made me collect some beautiful songs that have pure devotional touch, sung by some people with real devotion, they sing more for self satisfaction than for money.

You want real devotion, real worship? Go back to old times.

There are people who devoted their lives for music. They see God in music and worship him.

Obviously my choice for such music is

I salute and thank the organizers of this website.


I repeat, I came from office with a stripe of head-ache and tiredness; and also with a CD burnt with old devitional telugu songs from .

Eager to listen to them, I inserted the CD in my new five-day-old laptop and plugged in the earphones.

I know for sure neither of my room mates are in the mood to listen to them in this evening time. I am not expecting them to, either.

Nandeesh wants to watch TV.


I relaxed on bed in the hall, closed my eyes and was listening to the songs.


Nandeesh came home after some time and switched on the TV as usual, as expected. It's his right.

Then Harsha came from ouside and joined him. I guess it was a comedy show in the TV, Nandesh was laughing loudly.

Harsha was not so noisy; probably he was a little considerate for me. Later he also joined.

Observing all this was a slight distraction to my rAgsudhA rasa pAnamu (enjoyment of music).


They are watching FIFA world cup football league match replay with Spanish commentary.

Weird thing is they increased the TV volume.

I have no clue why that was necessary when you can't understand a single word, especially Harsha doesn't like that sound.

Now they are talking to each other aloud, dominating TV sound. They have to; otherwise they can't hear each other.

At this point exactly I cursed them in myself, "Senseless people. Inconsiderate ones."


But I have no right to do so, because it is hall and they are supposed to watch TV in the evening after coming from office.

I can go to another room, but didn't want to open my eyes, didn't want to disrupt the flow of music. I endured their atrocities. 

This is where Einstein’s theory of relativity kicks in.


Just then I felt my ears paining. Reason: By birth my ears are not designed to hold earphones.

Lord Brahma might have missed this aspect when designing my body. Manufacturing defect ;-)

I forcibly make the ear-phones sit in my ears and they apply Nuton's third law.


This is distraction number two. This one, slightly sidelined the distraction caused by the "inconsiderate duo". Still I can't forgive them.

Three months back in Bangalore, living all alone in a single bedroom flat,  I was enjoying music in my own way for hours together. Those wonderful days came to mind. I like listening music till I sleep and leave it continue all night.

My father used to stay with me but he never disturbs me. We both enjoy the same set of music.

Even Harsha and I have a common taste. But it is an intersection of the two sets of our favourite genres.

I think I enjoy most of his favorites, but he doesn't actively listen to old songs, which I believe are the ultimate source of melody.

What ever, there was a great pleasure in living alone.

After five minutes I found the pressure in my urinary bladder; it was increasingly intolerable.


This is distraction number three. Very strong one. This one undermined the distraction caused by the "inconsiderate duo". I might forgive them now. See relativity!!

I had to move around because of this mighty pressure.

I just blinked my eyes and closed again.

Seemingly, Harsha noticed me blinking eyes, and switched on the electric bulb whose lighting came directly on to my eyes.


This was distraction number four. But by this time I gave up. It just did not hurt me.

I have forgiven them  (as if they were begging me to forgive them).

How did I become so kind to them? Step by step.

Here is how and why: In each step there was another force which was worse than the earlier one.


I paused the WindowsMediaPlayer, got up and had an orgasmic pleasure in urinating; then had a semi-bath and freshen up.

Entered our kitchen and started to cut Beera(don’t know its English name), tomatoes, chilies and onions to prepare a tasty curry for tonight.

I washed all the utensils and cooked some rise also.

Curry was tasty and mixed well in the rice which means I was in good mood while preparing the curry.

All three of us had a nice dinner.


Just before going to bed, Harsha started ‘Annamayya’ songs, the same Annamayya; and I am awake writing all this.

After a few minutes I guess he went into sleep.

I inserted my CD into the Sony CD player and left it in low volume and slept listening to them.


This morning again, I was the first to start with the songs that I haven’t heard last night

As soon as I went in to take bath, my songs are stopped.

Venkateswara Suprabhatamhas started coming out of it now.

Probably worshippers must listen to suprabhatam every Friday.

I am no body to interrupt it, because I am not aware of the procedures such as what to listen/play on which day (today is Friday).

I enjoy if it is melodious and meaningful; regardless of what ever day, time and mood I’d be in.


All I could do is to learn to live with it. And I did it.

Moral of the story:

Severity of every pain is relative to the other pains one is subjected to at the moment.

Talking and laughing aloud started the pain.

Pain caused by earphones made it look less painful.

Pressure in the bladder overpowered all other pains and made me a saint.

A saint who didn't mind even when light is focussed direcly on to his eyes.

Jai Hind.

The Great Indian Farewell Party In The USA [June 09 7:56 PM]

With humiliation and a sense of disgust my hands went up the air, palms twisted skywards; head shaking sideways and lips tight.

When a disaster that is out of human control happens,
When nature out powers -- all human efforts to protect their belongings,
When a calamity such as a fire destroys all the hard earned property,
When a flood washes away everything, ...there is nothing one can do to stop it.
You can see people beating their chest and crying.
At least you might have seen their hands going up in the air palms twisted open skywards.
It's the nature of Homo sapiens. Gorilla and monkey included.

Yesterday morning I got an e-mail to my office ID.
It's subject reads: Farewell lunch to our colleague Mr.XYZD in hotel LC.
It was a formal proposal with options: Accept, Decline, Tentative, ProposeNewDate
By it's looks, I thought it might be official and my room mate confirmed it in his style, with supporting words like "Mr.XYZD worked for a very long time for the company, ...". I responded saying "Accepted".
After all, this invitation for me is first of its kind in my two year job career.

The day has come and all "the invited" met at hotel LC for "for farewell party".
The "organizers/initiators" of the event were also present; they reached there a little before we did.

"The invited" + "organizers/initiators" = "colleagues living in Lakewood" = CLiL

A long table is arranged for the esteemed bunch.

Why not? There was an order before hand from the "organizers/initiators".
Lunch has started slowly with appetizers and people ordered what ever they wanted from the menu.
Our project managers (bosses) have not come. And a few guys were also missing.
Lunch finished. It’s time to pay the bill. Waiter asked if he can get the bill.
CLiL started to look into each other's faces. He got confused.

A meek voice came up saying "get individual bills".

Looked like almost everybody except a few are OK with this proposal.
I got shocked "Why is this called a party? why is this called farewell?"

I waited for some one to deny the proposal. Not that I don’t want to pay for my lunch but to avoid the embarrassment.

We’ve ordered for a long table in the name of our client’s company (a big name in the area) as if it was a formal party.

And now, after everybody has ordered and finished hogging, we are asking him to figure out who ate what and produce bills.

I felt it was an insult to the community. But who cares? After all I am latest addition to the community, to say my word.

Many of the CLiL didn't even greet Mr.XYZD during the infamous lunch.

They just enjoyed the food. 

Don't raise any questions about Mr.XYZD, I can't answer.
Every one concentrated mainly on reading the menu and selecting their choice to order; "organizers/initiators" no exception.

Waiter said "It would be very difficult at this stage."
A wise man almost murmured "we should have told this in the beginning itself."
Seconds are passing by. CLiL are looking at each other, giggling, transferring private jokes through ears.
All through this -- the waiter was standing waiting for the final decision to arrive.
”Organizers/initiators” kept mum.

There was a push in me to say, "I will pay the total, you can give me later."
But I am the new one that has joined the community.
There were one or two "like minded people" moving impatiently unhappy about the situation.
These people are living in the community for a very long time.
I remained reserved gulping the agitation, waiting for the above said "like minded people" to react to the situation.

After a few moments of my frustration, among the giggles and private jokes he appeared with a lot of papers in his hand.
”Individual bills” He announced and started distributing them calling each one by name of the dish ordered.
This has drawn attention of a few Americans in the hotel.
He had a special $11.00 bill too: A combined one for the drinks (all soft). I had just plain water.
Every one who ordered drinks escaped from the very sight of it.
Don’t ask me where the "organization/initiation" has gone.

Finally a "like minded" guy responded impatiently.

Said, "I am paying cash for Ramu and me for our drinks also. I don't care for the rest."

And he was about to do it, a voice raised "What about the $11.00 bill? will you share it?"

Matter of just half-a-dollar each but the guy was very particular about it.
There exactly I involuntarily made the gesture as I said in the beginning of this story.

Probably as an attempt to pacify the bad impression caused by the “individual bills” and the “You will have to share $11.00 bill” he gave a lot of tip to the waiter and paid for my plain water also, which is not usually necessary.

I never have lived in this kind of society. May be I was not aware that there are people like this.

At the time of writing this, there is another farewell party going on in CLiL campus, on the name of Mr.XYZD and KMAM (who is returning to India tomorrow).
A few housewives volunteered for preparing food. Some are forced or trapped or pushed to.
I called KMAM to say that I am not willing to join the so called party. But you know what KMAM told me?
"Em party maama? Naaku yemee teleede!. (What party buddy? I have no clue!)"
Farewell party without involving or informing the very living organism the center point of the party!!!
But, yes, the "party" is going on.

All CLiL are the so called "Professional software engineers" representing the great mother India in the USA.

Being a part of this community I literally hated myself, felt like burning my body to get purified.

Why has my best friend joined the party? He told me why. …just before convincing himself to join the group.
He is obliged to. He “had to be helped" by the CLiL in his initial days in Lakewood. So that's it.
He was not as lucky as I am. He had to depend. Now am in the protected shield of his plights.
It's the response from him in case if there is a “show-cause” notice from you. I got this hint a bit indirectly.
But I have to know why the "like minded" well-wisher insisted me too to join the party.

Probably he might have felt I was over reacting. May be he is right.


Bombay Dreams - Musical Stage Play [June 06 8:38 AM]

"Rahman doesn’t even write what’s thought of as world music. He writes a world of music — so broad and deep, so instantly likable and lastingly satisfying,

it is the whole world. I hope that, sometime soon, our part of the world catches up with Rahman. Until we do, an important part of our internal juke box will

be bereft." --Richard Corliss, Time Magazine.


Friday evening.

June-02-2006. Time 6.30pm.
Tickets are reserved for the stage play Bombay Dreams.
They call it "Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams".
I call it "A R Rahman's ...". Fans of Indian movies need no introduction to Rahman.


As usual everyone except Arun was all set.
Finally he joined us in last seconds.
Mr.& Mrs.Aaraj, Arun and myself in Aaraj's BMW.
Harsha and Bharatan in Harsha's Acura.
We reached the auditorium "Theatre Under The Stars" in downtown.


Arun asked me if that was my first time to see downtown.
I have seen it before from inside car but never got down there.
Aaraj said "This is the center of the city. Old place. City is spread around this."
I said "Ok I got it. So this is the KalasiPalya of Houston."
That was the hit joke of the moment.
FYI, KalasiPalya is the old, clumsy, dirty, smelly, busy market area of Bengulooru (Bangalore).
Bangalore is the center for all of us, we came to Houston from Bangalore.
So everyone knew what Kalasipalya is, so my comment was a big Joke.


I was all excited about the show. Was that excitement?
Yes, but I was more curious than excited. How is it going to be?
I feebly remember those street-dramas played in my village when I was a small kid.
Without any idea I watched a few stage plays.
By the songs sung in one of the plays I could now figure out it was NartanaSaala.
Those plays disappeared soon.
Now I am going to watch this play.
I know that I am not qualified to write a review.
As a naive but interested audience who has got the genes to enjoy the art, it is an expression of the bliss.


I have listened to BombayDreams audio so many times. I like a few tracks.
Particularly, the wedding Qawwali "Sona sonaa.." haunts.
I have had listened to it repeatedly in a loop for hours together.
Well, I listened to it one more time just before we started at home.


We collected the tickets and a brochure.
It had the details of the play.
Still 40 minutes time for the show to begin.
I read the brochure thoroughly.
It is divided into two acts. A ten minutes gap in between.
Dutarion was almost 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Story line is described scene by scene.
What are the scenes, which song in what scene etc was found in that.
Now I got an idea how this is going to be.
I read about the cast. Most of them are well educated.
They are young and specialized in the art of theatre.
They have traveled a lot of places.


We are inside the theatre.
At first look, I felt the stage was very small.
First scene: A slum area in Bombay (Mumbai). Real one.
It's a replica of any slum area presented on the stage (small one? No.)
A dozen slum people appeared doing their daily routine works.
A woman selling something, an old woman separating stones from rice, young boys moving around, coolies, hamalees, what not, it is a slum area alive before my

Their dress, body language, expressions, attitude...everything is presented in the first scene in just less than a minute.
I am impressed. I can now enjoy the rest of the play.
I could easily follow it coz I know the play scene by scene.


Without wasting a second, the way they changed the settings, scenes, costumes etc was amazing.
Street scene is over. Next is a movie set and film shooting scene.
Blink of an eye. It’s ready. Actors are there uttering their dialogues.
Superb organization. Flawless synchronization among the performers.


Lighting effects!? Wonderful.
There must be a psychology-study and engineering behind it.
Not only music; proper lighting effects for the intensity of each scene enhanced the performance of the artists.


After a terrific dance sequence, as I was mesmerized, I heard claps all over the auditorium.
The next moment I realized that I am not watching a movie. Its a stage play.
Claps are the food for artists. Applause from the audience makes them perform their best.
From then on I did not miss cheering when ever there was a heartening act.


Important ingredient of the play was the continuous humor in the form of satire, imitation, sarcasm, retort etc.


All the actors had a perfectly suitable figure.
Lead character of the show Aakash was just like any Mumbai Cinema hero.
(I dont like the word Bollywood, it's an imitation of the word Hollywood. Indian cinema has it's own individuality)
The character Rani who is a happening Mumbai Cinema lead lady (who is very proud of her physique) had a toned body.
Priya (daughter of a film producer and fially Aakaashs' wife in the play) is good looking too. She has a great singing talent too.
Priya's dad Madan appropriately appears with a belly.
Sweetie is apt as a lady-boy.
This word lady-boy is used in the play (Vikram calls him/her like that).
Vikram is very good as a lawyer (with spectacles) and as a realtor-villain (with no spectacles).

All of the actors have got a very good singing capability in addition to dialogue delivery.

My favorite wedding Qawwali is played just before the end of play. They managed it well.
It would be "asking for too much" to expect a voice like Sukhvinders'.

All in all, the show impressed every one.

After the show we had a nice mid-night dinner in Buffalo-wings.
It is famous for chicken-wings fried in oil with spice added in range from light to blazing hot.
I opted to see how blazing it would be. Not much. There were no after effects also.
But there was an after effect of BombayDreams. That is this blog.

Idle Brain Is Devils Desktop [June 02 9:14 AM]


I failed the primary written test for drivers license (Texas). Shame?

"Yes", I would have said if the conditions were normal.
Questions were tougher than usual. 30 questions.
If I am not sure of the answer I can skip.
Skipped questions repeat in the end. I can answer them later.
I skipped 12 questions. All the 18 I answered were correct.
Skipped questions started repeating. I started guessing the answers.
What ever I chose turned out to be wrong. I could answer only one question correctly.
I got 64%. Pass percentage is 70. Just two more correct answers, I pass.

Aaraj was at the top of happy-hill.


He told me to thoroughly read DL-handbook  and to take a few on-line model-tests. I took it easy. Bharatan wanted to know why and how.


According to Harsha and Arun, it used to be very easy.


Harsha said it was dead easy. "All dabba questions."

Recently DPS (Dept. of Public Safety, TX) seems to have made changes to the exam.
One must read each and every point in the DL-handbook to pass the exam.


A few questions:

1) When a car is moving at 20mph the lawful breaks should stop it within ---- feet.

2) When a minor (under 21) causes an accident and refuses to give blood samples for a traffic officer, for how long his drivers license will be suspended for the first offence?


They know my age. I am not a minor.
But I am asked this question. Is this test is to make me a traffic officer in Texas? May be!
A few more questions like this ruined me :-)


These are multiple choice questions.


Choices were very close and confusing.
This test reminded me of medical entrance test [EAMCET in Andhrapradesh].
Hmmm, I am giving another attempt. What the heck, I am going to pass this time.


But this failure has a positive side too.


It has made me active and alert again.
For the last one week I did not have proper work in office. Entire day I used to sit idle.

They say,

"Idle brain is devils desktop" ;-)


But, with this jolt I am back again*             *conditions apply ;-)

Fantastic Life! Why disturb it? [May 21 8:09 PM]

"Once you are in a relationship, you get a pleasure by giving importance to the other person’s likes and dislikes. That is the price you pay for enjoying the romance and commitment." -- A.T

Last Monday morning, a friend asked me in office a casual question: "How is it going man?"

It is casual because we spent the weekend together.

I had lunch at their home (Saturday), went to a movie, played volleyball on Sunday evening.

But I thought for a few seconds pondering for a true reply: "Fantastic."

He added, "Good, no complaints!?"

"No complaints."

"That's good. ...See you."

After sitting in my chamber, I thought this way:

"Fantastic! Yes, fantastic. Only thing I haven't had was -- enough money, I am earning it now.

I have no liabilities. No dues. I feel fresh as if I enjoy taking a bath.

I have a good reputation in my work place. I am enjoying my job.

I am playing volleyball every evening. I enjoy co-players cheering my effort.

I am healthy. I am slowly getting into shape. Putting on somw weight.

I think I am good-looking. I am in a good company of people.

I am enjoying good Indian food. Luckily I am fond of Burgers.

What else?

For any common Indian man at 26, once all the basic needs are fulfilled...

...the next expected step in life is marriage.

But why?

Why disturb my 'fantastic life'?

Does it in any way improve the quality of life?

All I see is additional responsibility, sacrifice, loss of freedom, extra burden...

And, what are the returns I might get at the cost of risking my 'fantastic life'?

I wanted to seek the openion of a frank married man. Who else? The same friend.

I sent him an email:


Reddy, Ramanadha
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 2:06 PM
Subject: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

Tell me in three sentences.

His quick response, here it is:

Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 2:11 PM
To: Reddy, Ramanadha
Subject: RE: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

At one point I had strong feeling that I wanted to be with a female more than bunch of guys. i e Hormonic drive)

I am a Traditional Indian never had easy access to womans body, and marriage was the only option)

She was going to get married to some one else if I hadn’t acted at that point, I was terribly wanted something like her and I didn’t want to let it go.

I felt happy about his frank response. I like this kind of people who are not afraid of telling the truth.

From: Reddy, Ramanadha
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 2:25 PM
Subject: RE: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

Thank you so much for the frank response.

Today morning you asked me "How is life?", I said "Fantastic."

You said, "No complaints!?" I nodded, "Yes". I was correct at the moment.

I got this question immediately: "If my life fantastic this way, why should I ever get married to somebody?"

I am worried that THE harmonic wave sweeps me into the ocean of marriage and makes me struggle ever after.

Once in, for every thing I need my partner’s approval. For every move I need to be considerate.

Once in, I can’t be ‘my self’ anymore; can’t easily get out of it when I feel uncomfortable.

Still, if I am questioned "Are you sure, you don’t want to get married?". I say ‘yes’, but that ‘yes’ sounds like "I …don’t know".

God bless me!!!

I wanted him speak more so that I may get some useful information from his experience.

You don't get many people who can be this bold and honest in expressing thier views. He says more:

Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 3:16 PM
To: Reddy, Ramanadha
Subject: RE: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

There is a pleasure and an un-measurable return I get when I decide to not to do something because she doesn’t like it ;)

Once you are in a relationship, you get a pleasure by giving importance to the other person’s likes and dislikes.

(That is the price you pay for enjoying the romance and commitment.)

Just give you an example, you made a decision not to go to Austin with us , because you wanted to give company to Harsha to get his car repaired.

That is something fresh.

The price is NOT "losing my freedom".

He says, it is... "giving importance to the other persons likes and dislikes".

A few pleasures at the cost of a little freedom. I said:


Reddy, Ramanadha
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2006 5:22 PM
Subject: RE: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

Great relief to know the positive end of that life... but at present, I don’t see any obvious reason (except getting physical) to disturb my ‘fantastic life’.

I am worried about one thing: Before convincing myself and getting psychologically prepared to, I may marry some one because of the only reason that I would get old.

If this happens I may feel defeated, lost and compromised in a big way. God bless me again ;-)


Monday, May 15, 2006 5:44 PM
To: Reddy, Ramanadha
Subject: RE: What was the need that pushed you to get married?

That’s rite. obviously you are not ready to get married. We will talk this offline..

There will be a point in your life where you can appreciate being hooked with a female ..

And, here is another friend who is busy and excited about change in his solo-life.

He is my classmate and one in our BCA closed circuit batch: Jeevan. Mr.Frank.

I asked the same question: "What was the need that pushed you to get married?

Tell me in four sentenses. He responded like this:

I don't know what it's all about ... in these days there is almost no
day that someone pops out a question "When are you getting married?"
Few months ago I would have just smiled thinking that was part of a
casual chat. Day in day out it's turns out to more a reality, It
doens't get anything less serious. Almost to the point of getting a
bit frustrated. May be it's the season of wedding. I see wedding cards
updated on our department's notice board like daily news.

Clearly I'm not desperate, am I? I've lived alone for so many years,
perfectly free. Why should get into this? Why should I get married?
And why now if at all I should be married. Especially, when in the
odds of ending with the wrong person, for LIFE!

Well, I do a bit of study and research at the topics that influence
life. And, marriage is something that we all go about in this age.
Glad our dear friend
Ramnath raised the issue.'What was the need that pushed you to get
married?' (I welcome like to raise lot of discussion/ debate on that

The best place we can understand life is to see the nature. When we
see the birds, the trees, the flowers ... all flora and fauna. There
is wonderful rythm ... the seasons of spring, autumn, fall. One has to
give life to the other, make the generations move forward. Life has to
give birth, live, nurture itself and the offspring and someday ...
die! Sadly, we do not want to hear the word die ... but truth be told
we go to die. If Jeevan says he is not getting there then it's
selfishness and mere short-sightedness of this life.

Our natural instincts of expecting love & care are the proof that we
need this. To be honest, every human being has this emotional need of
love & care especially expressed through sex. To be painfully frank.
Emotional support is vital in life. Twenty or thirty years down the
line, Jeevan may not be so emotionally strong and young in approach to
life. The perfect proof, that I realise as I contemplate on life, is
creation, nature. Our body is a perfect example of symmetrical
harmony. Of course, we do not need two eyes to see something. One is
enough. One leg is enough to walk (or better describe to hop) and
move. They say it takes two hands to clap ... and there I see the
reality ... it takes two to walk in this sometimes, tough path called
life. I don't say it's impossible, but how much more better is two to
share the pain and laughter in this life. Two eyes together add the
three dimensional reality to vision. May be, I can also say that two
eyes are better than one to see something from a different perspective.

And why now? We can go back to nature for inspiration and learning.
There is season of fall and a season of autumn and a season of spring!
There is time to laugh and time to cry. 'eh vayasu muchata aa vayasulo

Ramnath, let me know your views on it. I'm all set to go much deeper
into this topic.

Coming back to my scenario when someone asked 'When are you going to
get married?' Very innocently and with a touch of sadness I said
"Telvadu" :)

I'll now get back to work ....

He is coming up again with his heart his next mail.

Now just see this conversation (Yahoo! chat) with Nagireddy Sunil Kumar...

My classmate in M.Sc(IS), roommate in (LangarHouse) Hyderabad.

He is another Mr.Frank.

He used to admire my on-the-face responses and Telugu accent.

Ramu: "why you want to marry after 3 years? is it only because everybody does it at that age? what is the need that pushes you". Think about it and mail me.

sunil kumar: I don't care abt everybody

sunil kumar: if that is the case then I should start looking now only

sunil kumar: I have some goals

sunil kumar: after achieving them I want to marry

sunil kumar: And I know it will take 3 years to achieve them

sunil kumar: thats why after 3 years

Ramu: goal is ok, but why do you want to marry after achieveing your goals?

Ramu: that is what I need. Why marriage?

sunil kumar: obvious reason

sunil kumar: need a companion who will be along with you in every turn of your life

sunil kumar: it may seem some what unrealistic

sunil kumar: but that is the reason for me

Ramu: you don't want to take some time, think and tell me in your mail?

Ramu: is it your response? that's all?

sunil kumar: not necessary

sunil kumar: no need to think abt it

Ramu: alright

Ramu: thank you for your frank response.

Ramu: week end has started it seems

Finally, what are MY views? Let me talk to a few more people :-)

What is new in America - Blog Boggling Blog [April 18 5:02 PM]

Here is an American citizen in my office whose origin is in India.

He showers affection on everybody.
I don't hesitate to say he is my friend. I call him Mama, Baabai, Taata or anything I like :-)
His ancestral roots are in Andhrapradesh. He speaks Telugu in American-English accent with Bheemavaram flavor.
He is my well-wisher. I discuss life matters with my well-wishers.
In one of the discussions in office, (We both are installing Windows on two different servers) he said a few words:

"Indians, most of them are not open andee...
They are very much intro kind of...
They don't smile a lot, they don’t like to take jokes on them...
Most of them are jealous...
They hardly extend a compliment to a person...
They hardly say good things about others..."
...and the list goes on. I agree. Do you?
I feel it takes a few generations to change our mind set.
Complimenting others makes you feel good about yourself. And it sets the tone of the day for the recipient.
Most of the Indians are not open to appreciate good in others and try to grasp and practice it.

It's getting serious. Lets leave it here.

I will tell you a few things that I found new in America.
It's been five weeks since I stepped on the soil of USA. What have I found new in the US of A ?

For me, as of today, America means Tomball area of Houston city.
As soon as I got out of the airport in Houston, it was very bright out side.
I noticed that this place is brighter than India, I am from Kadapa one of the hottest places.
So bright that my eyes felt like they are pulled in by force.
I felt its not good for my eyes without sun-glass.
Not because I was tired then. It's the same today.
Even today when Harsha and me went out for lunch in KFC, we talked about it.
I said "Next time when I go to Wal-Mart I must buy a pair of sun-glass that fit over my regular spectacles."

Second thing I noticed while coming from airport to Lakewood apartment:

This place is very spacious.
Wide roads. Real wide!
Lot of parking space before every shop. Real Lot!
Especially for a creature like me who has seen how congested the city of Bangalore is, it's overwhelming.
I don't think we can build a single city as spacious as Houston (remember I have seen only Tomball area of Houston so far).
I wonder what real estate people are doing. "No land mafia here!?"

Next thing is flyovers.

I laughed at myself because I used to call Hyderabad "the city of flyovers".
Here many are eight-lane flyovers. Real big ones. Miles together. Oh my god!!

Automobiles here have their steering to their left side.
No clutch !! That's a surprise for me, who learnt car driving just three months before coming to USA.
No need to change gears manually. Auto transmission. Driving made really easy.
Right side turn free. It's just opposite to Indian traffic rules (is there any body following traffic rules!?).
I had to train my mind and body to act accordingly while crossing the roads.

Another thing new to an Indian like me is the concept of "Day light savings".
In this part of the world, as summer approaches, the Sun rises very early in the morning.
And Sun light will be available till 9.30 in the night.
Americans made an arrangement to use this period of time effectively by shifting their clocks an hour forward.
Wait... I will explain. Don't show the frown any more.
Clock is shifted one hour forward on the specified day.
That day I got up at 6am. But the clock shows 7am. I should respect the clock.
So I got up and reached office as my clock was approaching 8am. Actually it is 7am (relative to GMT).
And when the clock reached 5pm, as a respect to the clock every body left the office. It's actually 4pm (relative to GMT again).
Now I have day light to play volleyball till 7.30pm.
People have time to go for a walk with their family as it doesn't get dark soon.
As days pass by I can play in the broad day light till 9.30pm.
People can look after many things after coming from offices.
After a few months, summer ends. As winter approaches, all the clocks will be turned backwards by one hour.
I think I have succeeded in giving you an idea of this concept. You may want to Google for more info about this.

Americans feel embarrassed if you look at them with out a smile on your face.
We (especially in our villages) have seen locals staring at new people.

Villagers stop walking/working to stare at you in India. They ask you who you are and they offer any help. Bothe parties feel good about it. It's our tradition. No harm intended. (I am talking about old India when we were kids. Indian villages are now politicized. Poluted.)

Staring like that is considered an offence here.

Asking who they are is much offensive.

Offering help is like medling with privacy.

Of course it is embarrassing even in modern India.
To avoid this embarrassment, they smile at you(a stranger) and expect the same from you too.
I got to know about this from my friends here and now I am implementing.

Smile brings health too. It makes you good looking.

Here, women are well respected. A man is expected to give way, hold the door open, let women go first (out of an elevator for example) etc,.
And we don't find things like "It's our custom to respect women. Let them sit in the seats reserved for them" written any where in USA.

Here I remind you...

"USA" = "Tomball area of Houston" for Ramanadha Reddy as of today.

We find our guys occupying seats reserved for ladies in city-busses and make them stand.

In India we feel like "It is our responsibility to ask and to know what our neighbors do for a living, and about their spouse, children etc.."
No body bothers here.

Here I must admit, I am always interested to know what my neighbor does.
But I haven't asked her (she is living alone, can a woman do this in India?). Probably I am not supposed to.

I have been to a place called "Palo Duro Canyon" near Amarillo, more than a 600 miles away from Houston. More than 12 hours journey.
Please see the album under photos tab.
What I learnt and what I had to learn in this trip?

I learnt map-reading.

I am given a map and given the seat next to the driver.
I am designated as "the navigator" of the van of six guys (See the photos).
I am supposed to tell the driver how to proceed.

Of course I have experienced guys with me to help when needed.
But I tried to avoid their help as much as possible.

It's really good to do such jobs.
Entering a city and leaving out of it to join the right highway towards our destination...real fun.
I must say some thing new here.
Like in India you don't find people on road to ask directions. And you don't need to. Because ...
All the roads are numbered and directions are marked properly.

Traffic system is perfect.
People have traffic sense even if they are drunk. It's in their blood, it seems.
Thinking about Hyderabad city traffic? Stop it.

American convention.

Americans have a convention. If you want to open a door and the door knob is horizontal, push it. If vertical pull it.

Amazing thing I noticed is ...

"Reserved parking places for the physically-challenged, at every public place".
Americans respect and they are considerate to the people who are physically challenged.
Americans make PHCs feel good about themselves. Some thing to learn? Let's accept it.

My First Experience - Not An Erotica -3

This blog was written on April-12-2006 in my MSN space.

Let me eat a few more pieces of your brain.I was telling you about my first flight journey. Second part endedhere: I got a pretty lady to chat with and spend time in theconnecting United Airlines airport in Chicago.Girls are girls.Once started, she talked like a quick flow stream.A few of the details: she got married to a cop at 23, a year back.She has to go to NewYork.She told about the reservation system in the USA.They have it based on financial status. She is not happy with eventhat.Her argument: How can a person be appointed as a teacher, justbecause he is poor, when there are more learned people than him?She then told about her childhood.Her mom is a bad lady.She grew up away from her mom, with her father and his wife.When she was 13 or so, she turned out to be very rude to her step mom.Her father sent her back to her mom.Staying with her mom was a hell for Stacy.So she came back to her dad, but earned independantly for her studies.She worked as a teacher in a school. Did some government service.Now she is working in a veternary hospital.I told her how parents in Andhrapradesh rub thier views on children.I told about our infamous EAMCET (Engineering And Medical CommonEntrance Test).And asked her how my english was, whether I am communicating wellenough.She said I am doing well and would succeed in my job. Good.I told how to pronounce my name. What it does mean.I told who Sita is. She could not pronounce Sita. I made her do itright.And a bit of Ramayanam and Mahabharatam.Story line and how the two epics influence Indian society and lifestyles.This went on up to 2 am. She said she would sleep. I was also feelingdizzy.But I am afraid of missing the morning flight, if I sleep.She said, she has a cell phone and can set alarm.But I decided not to sleep.I went to my terminal and slept on a sofa, but got up by 4.30am.Toilets were very clean and well maintained, compared to Mumbaiinternational airport.Then spent the time watching TV news.Slowly people started to gather in the terminal.A small flight, compared to Air India flight, came for boarding.Air hostesses ignored me as I went in and sat in my seat.I expected a plastic smile from them, but ....The big guy next to me was not comfortable to sit next to me.I felt these people are treating me as if I was a stinking sloth.A black lady came and sat in the window seat next to me.When all the people boarded the flight, the guy next to me went awayand found another seat.It hurt me badly. I could not look into other people. I felt I amugly.Looked at my jerkin. It was not good looking. It had attracted dustparticles.In the three day journey my beard has grown, making me look uglier.Flight moved and took off. I am not enjoying it.Airhostess is serving drinks. Crossed my seat and turned back to askwhat I would prefer.I asked for an orange juice. It was bad. So kind of her.Soon after that I slept. Woke up as the flight approached Houston.I am not excited to reach the destination. Felt like an assignmentaccomplished.Tried to stay away from the American people. Gave them way so that Iwalk alone.Reading the directions to collect my two suitcases I checked inChicago, I entered an elevator.A girl and a couple also entered it. It stopped after a few levels.The couple walked out. I am confused. I stepped half way out,thinking..."If this is not the level I should reach, let me enter the elevatoragain"But the girl asked me if I want to collect my baggage. I said yes.She said "it's not the floor. Come in". I thanked her and reached theconvayor belt.Recognized and took my suitcases and dragged them to a telephonenearby.Pulled out a few papers out of my pocket to dial Harsha's mobilenumber.Harsha along with a colleague and Harsha's team lead were on the wayto airport.Harsha said, the flight has reached 30 minutes earlier than what heexpected.I was not looking into any body. My confidence levels reached groundlevel.I was standing and looking at the floor between my two suitcases.After 15 minutes, some one tried to grab my bag from shoulder. Thatwas Harsha.With out a word and with a big smile he shook my hand.I tried to appear active, but in vain.He took my bag and dragged a suitcase. His team lead dragged anotherone to the gate.Shawn was waiting in the car's driving seat. He welcomed me. I smiled.Harsha and Aneesh dumped the two suitcases into the dickie.Me and Harsha in the back seat. He started to talk some thing... inTelugu.I laughed aloud for a joke kind of thing. The two people sittingfront didn't.Because we re talking in Telugu. They do not know Telugu.I apologized for that and they said, "You friends met after a longtime. You carry on, no problem."Harsha said I look like a begger in the jerkin. I removed it.Even with the shirt I looked like a poor begger.Harsha said I lost weight and looking deglamorized and dirty.Now I realized why people in the flight behaved so. It's not racism.I was dirty.Who likes to sit next to a dirty fellow?I never liked a dirty fellow sitting next to me in a bus.One thing I observed was: it was unusually bright that day inHouston. It is.We reached home by 12.30 noon.I washed my face with warm water and brushed my teeth.Felt a little better.Harsha came with a plate full of rice, brinjal fry, and tomato rasam.I felt like heaven when I saw them. It was hot and tasty.Slowly started to unfold myself to normalcy.As advised strongly by Harsha, I did not sleep that noon.Instead played cricket. Met all the Mphasis people from India.A few I knew earlier, a few new and a few I knew about before throughHarsha.
By the evening, I was very much tired. Slept that night well.That's it. I know you are tired too. Go listen to your favourite music.Thank you very much,Ramu(Nenu Rachayitanu kaanannavaanni Raayetti kodataa)

My First Experience - Not An Erotica -2

This blog was written on April-12-2006 in my MSN space.

Hello Friends,
I got some free time today, so I started the second part.

The guy next to me woke me up.One of the air-hostesses was waiting for me to serve my food.Better call it food....Because I do not really know whether it was a lunch, dinner, or abreak fast....Total confusion about time changes.Oh.. she is waiting for me. Let her finish her work.I got up and pulled the dining pad down, she asked "what do youprefer, sir?""Any thing is fine."She reacted as if she got the shock of her life... "are you sure?"I repeated and she gave me a package of ice-cream, fruit salad, riceand ladies-finger masala curry,curd and a water bottle.Finished and slept again.
By the time I woke up it was all dark inside the plane. Every one wasasleep.I was curious to know how it is out side. Hesitatingly...slid thewind up.It was so eye-blindingly bright outside. It light up all the placeinside the plane.Two people woke up because of that. I felt utterly guilty, shut thewindow and expressed sorrysilently.This incident has taken away my sleep. Every body is sleeping. Whatcan I do now?Suddenly the flat screen before me buffed up. It showed the worldmap, then zeroed on to India.A red mark started moving towards Europe then over the Atlantic oceanreaching the North-Americancontinent.I felt amazed to know the fact that I am flying over the Atlantic.When I was a kid, I have tried hard to remember names of the fiveoceans.Now I am flying over one of them at above 11.4km high and at a speedof 869kmph, wind blowing at40mph opposite direction.I wanted to see how the ocean looks. But I cannot open the window.People would murder me.I consoled myself -- it would be cloudy and the ocean doesn't appear.Self satisfaction!!!
Announcement... we are reaching Chicago. Flight came down slowly.I opened the window. It was cloudy. Plane came further down.I can see Chicago in the evening. Local time in Chicago 5.20pm.We got down there by 6.35pm. Entered immigration queue.I got a doubt. They ask for my address in USA. I do not know it.But I remember it feebly. I just filled what ever I remember andprepared to convince that officer.My turn has come and I passed the immigration check. YES!!! I havereached U.S of A.Went in to meet my baggage. Found the suit cases on a conveyer belt.Grab them out.Entered the United-Airlines area. Checked my baggage in again.There was an old lady directing people to go to their terminals. Minewas five.I reached the train to terminal five. Got down there. Followed theother people.
Went to one of the counters to get my boarding pass. I got it. But..That lady said, "It's too late. Your flight starts in 15min from now.The next flight is at 8.15amtomorrow."I must say I was tired already and this news left my mind blank.So what to do? Where would I stay tonight?She gave a paper, saying "we offer hotel rooms at low costs, seethis."I took the paper and read "Hotel rooms starting from $39 per day."What about other expenses?I am an alien here. Better not to go out of the airport. It isdefinitely a secure place.Ok, I thought "let me call Harsha and ask him for advice."I was given an international telephone card, with instructionsleaflet-- how to use it.But they were all coin phones there. But tried on one of them. "Not avalid number..."
I do not have change. Minimum I have is a ten dollar bill [$10 note].I started asking people for change ... every body said "Sorry, I donot have".Then I tried "I have an international calling card, could you pleasehelp me use it?"A few people tried... but they finally said "I haven't used it yet.Sorry...I don't know."
I felt as if I am lost in a thick forest.My nervous system got alerted with a kind of fear.Adrenaline on full flow.
I have not stopped asking for change. No use.Took out my international calling card again. Read the instructions.Went to a corner phone so that nobody can see and suspect me even ifI try repeatedly and repetitively. (Both are same. Don’t worry.)"This is not a valid number. Tray again!! "A very old man came there to make a phone call. I asked him if knowshow to use the card.His wife, also a very old lady, came by my side to help. She alsoread the instructions paper.Then she called her husband, "Sweet heart, see if you could help thisyoung man?"He turned to me slowly... a very tall man he is, looked down to findme.Adjusting his spectacles, he took the instructions paper from myhands."Probably you can not use calling card at this kind-a phone. You needto use coins"
I said, "Probably... Thanks gentle man. I will use coins. Do you havechange for $10?"That lady pored a few quarter coins in my hands and said "Please Keepit and try."She was not taking $10. Because she doesn't have change for it.I said "Thank you madam, but I cannot take the coins for free. I amsorry. Please take it back."She refused for some time...But I was feeling guilty to take it for free, so I made her accept totake it back.A middle aged man was watching all this episode.
I felt shy to ask his help. I am left alone there. I am not willingface him.So I moved to hide myself behind the phone, trying again the samething with a blank mind.When I came out the man is still there. He saw me and quickly turnedhis eyes away.I took a deep breath and walked up to him and asked him if he has anychange for $10.I also asked if he can help me use the calling card.I said, "OK, come with me." We both walked a few meters through thecorridor.He went to a lady and said "Honey, this gentle man is new to ourplace. He missed his flight and thenext flight is at tomorrow morning. He needs to make a phone call.Let him use our phone."She felt really sorry for me. I told Harsha's phone number as hedialed and gave it to me.
I am filled with confidence once I heard Harsha's voice. I spoke tohim in Telugu."I am stuck here in Chicago air port. Missed the connecting flight.Next flight is tomorrow morning.This is not my phone. A gentle man helped me call you. It may not begood to talk long. Will call youagain." I thanked the couple as heartily as possible.Then the man took me to a coffee shop for getting coins.I asked him if I need to buy some thing here, readily willing to doso.He said "No need." Asked the woman for coins and change for $10.Now I got the change also.I told him "You helped me in time. You are the God to me at themoment. I would like to return yourfavor in any possible way. Thank you so much, sir!"He said smiling "When I come to India...?""I welcome you to India.... Aah, I got the boarding pass do you thinkit is safer to stay here?"He said "Have the security check and enter the terminal. You are safethere."We both walked up stairs and he showed me where to go for securitycheck.
As I entered there, it was full of lady security personnel. Theyasked for another pass.I was confused. came out. The gentleman was waiting for the lift togo down.He saw me coming out and came to me with a question mark face. I toldhim.He took to me to a higher officer and talked to her ..."Hi, this gentle man has got his boarding pass. Does he require anything else to check in?"That officer told him that she would take care of me, and the Godleft away.I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I forgot to thank him.That lady took me to the same place and wrote "OK" on my boardingpass and then they let me in.
Security check. The man there asked to remove my shoes and Jerkin.He said "I will have to touch you on your hands, shoulders, back andlegs for any possiblenon-permittables". I nodded my head OK.He is a strong and short gentleman, looked like Chinese.After the massage as told above, I entered the boarding area.
Now it's Harsha's turn to react to the situation with the limitedinfo that I gave him.I am in a secured place now. Here again, all phones are coin phones.I inserted a coin and dialed the number. As I dialed a few numbersthe coin would come out.I am almost gone mad. Sat down on a bench there. Soon I realized thatI am really hungry.There was a stall. Went there and looked at the items.All are new to me, except water bottles.Bought an anonymous food item and a water bottle, to put off the firein my stomach.Ahaa... for the first time I bought some unknown thing using aforeign currency to answer my hunger.
Once I had a byte of it... it was like a dry grass. But there was alayer of meat in it.That part was tasty. Had a few bites and put it back in my cabin-bag.Drank some water. Felt better.Tried again different number combinations such as 001, 011, 91 andHarsha's phone number. Ummmhoo.A fat man was watching me. I asked him how to dial this number.He said "To Houston? One coin is not enough. Put more and dial." Itried. No luck.Then he threw another advice "Ask the help desk."Just for the sake of the man, I stood before the lady in help desk.She was busy on phone.There was two pretty young ladies sitting on opposite benches.I stood there for almost 3 minutes, waiting for a response.My personal advisor yelled at me, "Hey, why standing there? go to thenext desk."Pretty ladies giggled. I felt embarrassed. Just like that ;-) ...escaped from the place.
Walked back to the security check post and sat down on a chairopposite to it.Mind was blank. But I am not worried now. All I have to do is tospend the night some how.Morning I will fly to Houston and hopefully coin phone works there.Sitting quietly as if I am meditating. Not many people are therearound.Watching people who ever walk by the way. I saw a man looking like anIndian.A black is also walking along with him. Both dressed in uniform.He looked at me and I smiled. He came close to me and I asked whetherhe was an Indian.Bingo !! He is Mr.Iqbal from Hyderabad. Working in the airport.Knowing my situation, he offered his mobile dialed Harsha's number.By this time, before I told any thing, Harsha asked me to note down acalling card number, it's pinnumber and the clear procedure of it's usage, no coins necessary.I thanked the man and he said "Are, If I cannot help you, I am not anIndian at all. Not a bigmatter. My duty ends by 12 tonight. See you sir."Another God.
I looked at the coin phones around.A young lady was talking on a phone that is next to the chair.I looked for such a setup because I was tired to stand up.I waited for her to finish, but she was continuing.So I went to another phone and dialed Harsha's number.Ho ho !! It worked. Now, told him my situation in detail.I had a doubt, "Have I checked in my baggage in right place?"Harsha assured it's the right place, and I would get it in Houston.And told me to call him any time in the night if I feel boredom.Also, he told me how to call my dad in Bangalore. Enjoy!!!
After that session is over, I cradled the receiver in place andlooked at the young lady.She was lying back up on the bench. It's absolutely an uncommon sightin Indian public places.In a glance all I could see is she was wearing a cream colored jeanstrousers and a pink top.I have not looked at her again, even though it is a rare sight, coz Ifelt doing so would embarrassher and she may not be comfortable anymore.This is all because, I am actually so tired and wanted to lye downand sleep undisturbed......Feeling the same for her.And I am trying to be a good boy ;-)
But I am afraid to sleep. What if I do not wake up in time? Hell.So I decided to be awake through out the night, no matter what.It's 11.30pm. Lifted my cabin-bag to just walk till the end of thecorridor.Soon I felt it is too heavy for me[tired] with water bottle in it.But I reached the corner and returned to the same place in 20min.She was there. This time, standing near the sofa.The sofa is designed for passengers to sit on it's both sides with asingle back-rest in the middle.She is standing that side and I am supposed to sit this side facingthe security people/post.To make my self comfortable to sit there, I looked at her andsaid "hi", in a tired voice.She also reacted and asked me, "what time, your flight?" "Tomorrowmorning 7.45"She felt happy. I asked "What about yours?""Yours is better. Mine is at 9.30am. I missed my flight""So did I"
Both are in same situation.She was pretty and looked willing to continue talking to me.She sat down and smiled "I am not alone. At least I have some onewith the same problem."That's an invitation for me sit down there.A pretty nice company. She asked "How did you miss the flight?"I said "I am coming from India, supposed to catch the connectingflight to Houston. But my flight reached Chicago 3 hours late. By the time I got through immigration check and checked my baggagein United Airlines it got late. Had I been here a 15min earlier, I would have reached Houston bynow."
And the talk went on for two and a half hours...
... to be continued in the next part of Ramanadh Saahasa Yaatralu(Not Sindhbad Saahasa Yaatralu).
See you again,Ram