Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fear Is An Infection

Fear is an infection.
It is an epidemic that spreads real fast.
Once spread it incapacitates and disables the people under its grip.
When people are incapacitated in their own mind, life becomes an agony.

This is where we see gutsy people with lot of courage and a great nerve.
They are not afraid, come what may; they never lose hope; they are strong.
They understand one thing - never let the fear creep in you, give a fight.
Because once afraid, you are disabled mentally, it is worse than death and you will wait to die which will be delayed making every minute of your life a mysery.
It is safe to give a fight. Why don't you be among the gutsy personalities!?

Each problem in your day-to-day-life is very big, till a bigger one occurs.
When you have a 'bigger' problem, your 'big' problem doesn't bother you as much.
'Bigger' problem makes you laugh about your earlier concern over the 'big' one.
Think big. Have a big heart. Never be feared by your problems, it is of no use.

You have problems from with-in your family.
You have to face problems from the small society you are living in.
You might be invaded and your plans can any time be destroyed; nothing is permanent.

**** **** **** ****

These are the thoughts I got after coming out of the AMC threatre show of Apocalypto.
Mel Gibson is one man who can get into the intricacies (Kamal Haasan is another one who can do it), and make you feel the seriousness of each scene and character. I liked the movie very much.
This very element in his 1995 film BraveHeart made me an admirer his story telling skills. I heard his another film PassionOfChrist has the same element depicted.
My other favourites - TheGhostAndTheDarkness, Gladiator emphasize the same.

StuartLittle is also a very courageous and naver-say-die character with a kind heart, he uses his love as a weapon to win hearts. This appears in almost all cartoon/animation pictures. This is one reason I love to watch animation movies. This is the reason I can never miss Tom and Jerry show on TV.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pooja Vs. Protection - An Experiment

My search for a car came to an end unexpectedly. Thanks once again to Mr.A.T
for this invaluable help. I became the owner of it within three hours after
he found the car in e-bay on Monday evening. We went to the car dealer.

That is a Mercedes Benz showroom. The range of cars they sell is surprising.
They sell expensive brand new Benz cars; they sell cars that are more than
ten times less in price. I remembered how I felt when I first entered
the Forum mall in Bangalore. But this time I didn't feel that I can’t afford
to be there. Who knows may be I can buy one within next year. In fact I bought
my car from a Mercedes Benz dealer. I felt the car is heavy on me. It took
some time to sink in; I gave a small treat in nearby Chinese restaurant.

Thanks to Rajesh for helping me in the deal and for driving it home that night. Through out the way he kept on saying that the drive was pretty good. After
coming home, Harsha said “Wow, fantastic.” That’s the reaction from the
owner of an Acura. I always wanted my car be red in color. The electric
red car looks really outstanding in the parking lot. Everybody who had a
look at it said this fact. By then I said to my self “Ok, now I should be
prepared both mentally and monetarily for any damage caused by envious
neighbors and kids”.

Arun bought a car the previous day. He proposed we all go to Meenaakshi
temple; perform a car-pooja for the safety of him, Nandeesh and me.
I, personally, do not believe that pooja would protect me. If doing pooja
guarantees my protection, I would not have bought insurance. It doesn’t.
So I refrained from it. I, being an inexperienced driver who doesn’t care
for poojas, might not get the sympathy when something bad happens to
me or to my car. Instead I might get this blame – “You don’t care God, see,
this is his power”. If that is how God shows his/her power, how does he
differ from a local rowdy who demands your respect and attention?

Let me see what Meenaakshi of Houston thinks about it, if at all she exists.

Rajesh drove the car from the showroom. Before starting the car, he asked
Aaraj to give a CD. Aaraj gave his new Guru CD. About to play the CD, Rajesh
paused it and asked me "I am sorry,... would you like to start with..."
I understood what he wanted to ask, and said, "Who else is the God,
if Rahman is not the one?". Rajesh smiled and continued till we reached Aaraj's home.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blogging Is Like Remembering God

I definitely update this blog when something is continuously bothering me.
While I write down I analyse why I am so restless, by the end I am relaxed.
By the end of that post I am back, ready with a plan of action.
I may forget to update the blog once I feel life is in control.
I haven't written any thing here in this blog for a month.
Reason: Life has been glorious for the past few weeks.

Wonderful trip to Arkansa in Nov second week. Right time to see Fall colors.
Not just the beauty of nature, it was the group of people that made it memorable.
Eleven people in two 7-seaters, changing from one car to the other at each stop, forming different groups in the cars. You can repeate jokes.

Last weeks visit to Houston Space Center, was useful to see a few beautiful girls there. Thanks to Aaraj and Smitha. It was not worth in education point of view.

First time I am experiencing Winter season with temparatures less than zero degree celcius. This is something new to me. It is not safe any more walking home from office.