Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What Happens ... !?

These are my accidental discoveries last Saturday, with no physical damage to my face.
Two eggs. Put them in an alloy bowl. Pour water in it till the eggs are drowned. Keep the bowl on your electric stove and heat it on high.

Here you have to do an important thing: forget about the bowl. Go to your bedroom. Enjoy listening to Chiranjeevi hits in full volume. Songs like ... "Nannee lokam rammanaledu ... Nenee janmanu immanaledu" and "SooreeNNi zaabilli waatesukundi ... huk... yeraa roi". Music should be loud.

After 20 minutes, you will hear a blast in your kitchen. Rush to it, and you will find one of the eggs blasted, and the other ready to explode. The bowl ... red in color. Important: Alert!! Take a china-glass-plate and cover your face. Before you switch your stove off, push the bowl off of the red-hot electric coil, very carefully. Go away from the place. Chances are... the other egg will not explode.


When I feel like "O.K, Let's fill the stomach quickly with something", I just roast the almost-ready-made chapathis and eat. I did it last Sunday. I just cleaned a china-plate with water and wanted to keep the hot chapatis in it.

If it is wet, the chapatis will become MRF tyres. So, I wanted to dry it. I had this idea some where in my mind that china-plate can sustain very high temparatures, after all it is a kind of sand. Having this concept in mind, I started to heat it up on the same electric coil stove.

I did a very important thing again: I forgot about the plate. I was listening to old Telugu songs in the bedroom. A brand new sound track was mixed into "Anthaa mattey nani telusu, Adee oka maaye nani telusu ... pagilipothe atuku badaduuu..." THOP ... PTILL ... TINGR GIR GIR TIM ...

So, that was another accidental discovery for the day.


chaitü said...

loll... haven't ever tried this... let me try too ;)

ప్రవీణ్ గార్లపాటి said...

hehe... funny.
could have been dangerous though.

Deepthi Mamiduru said...

what an awesome dish ila vanta cheydam ekkuva rojulu kudarademo :)...nite trails..nice blog

HimaBindu Vejella said...

Seems that you are a good cook:)
Keep doing adventures

రానారె said...

Thank you guys! :)