Monday, August 14, 2006

An Eventful Week-end

Saturday August 12th, we went to Galveston a town near Houston.

First time in my life...

Gulf Of Mexico

I happened to see a sea [it's not a beach]. Very next to the sea there is a road.
It was a nice view. The sea was not as scary as I imagined.
It was just like a big lake with no boundary at the other side.
It was a like a up-ward slope of water at the end we see the sky.
For my eyes the horizon looked nearer than what I had picturized all these years.

Aaraj already informed me that the beach would be muddy and polluted with oil-industry wastes.
Yes, the water was not good enough to get in and play.
So I have not touched the sea yet. Taste the water? Yuck!!

I captured a nice video while we drove in Aaraj's BMW X5 along the beach.
It turned out to be an achievable private video because Aaraj and I were singing an on the spot developed X-rated parody of "Ruk Ruk Ruk...Arey Baba Ruk...Oh My Darling Give Me A ...k" and this was the background score for the video.
We bought the gear to swim in a better place a few miles away, but it was muddy there as well. But the beach was full of people playing in the dirty water.
Earlier I had a glance of the Areabian sea from the Air-India flight in Mumbai.

We entered a restaurant from there we had a nice view of the sea.
All ten of us occupied a big table and a question was asked to the waitress:
"Do you have some sea food for us?”
Everybody along with her burst out laughing.
That was Aaraj-mark-amusement.

First time in my life...
I tasted a dish made of oysters, cheese, spinach and a little bacon.
We visited an aquarium in Moody gardens.
In the restaurant a group was performing Hawaii dance. It was nice.

First time in my life...
I saw a few penguins. Captured a short video of their movement.
I happened to see a sea-horse.
Seahorse has a fan shaped back that makes a kind of interesting vertical movement.
Failed to get a nice photo of it.

It was an extremely humid and hot day. But fortunately it was breezy.
Reached home by the evening very tired.

Instead of sleeping I started writing in Unicode a few padyaalu, vachanaalu from the Panchama Aswaasam of DroNa Parvam of the Andhra Mahaa Bhaaratam till 4am that night and submitted them the next day to andhramahabharatam google-group.


chaitü said...

so many first times in your life...! :)

why don't you upload the vedios and photographs that you took there, so that we'll also have such an experience first time in our life by watching them :)

Ramanadha Reddy said...

Vedios need to have a re-recording. Without re-recording it is a private one as I said in the post :)

chaitü said...

never mind :)

chaitü said...

btw... thanks for dropping by my raagam :)