Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally, At Last, However, At Length, Eventually ...

Things are happening and life is lively and lovely.

I passed written test to get temporary driving permit.
I am healthy and playing volleyball everyday.
Flight tickets booked for Seattle trip this week end.

It is an achievement to put on 6 kgs, my weight now has reached 60Kg (135lb).

I still am the same raw fellow; here is an observation:

Friday I worked hard all day and got things in order for boss.
Boss is regarded as a BIG guy in the office, he indeed is, physically too.
Got to ask the boss if he needs my assistance or can I leave home.

A teammate and I went to him, I said "DO you require us to be here?"
Boss looked bewildered,;I noticed "Do you need me stay here or can we leave?"
After uttering those dry words, I realized what I did.
My team mate lightened the air "How is every thing, is it working well?"
Boss smiled, then laughed and said "Yeah...ok....but...." etc.
As he was talking to us his phone rang and he siad, "I'm in office, will call you back."
Phone rang again, boss was still cool and said, "I am in office with a few people around. Later."
Turning to us he said "My wife, she is saying hey hey hey hey".

After five minutes it was known to us that all is well with our work.
Boss said "It's week end. I will now go home, teach one or two manners to my wife, (I said "'s alright") and then we'll go to dinner. what about you?"
I responded immediately "Well, I do not have a wife to teach manners...."
Boss laughed out aloud as his big physique followed the vibrations; team-mate and I joined the laughs.

Had this light moment not happened, I would have been still thinking about my Raw Move, may be that is why people call me Raamooo...


Anonymous said...

hey raamooo....
u seem to have a great sense of humour man :)

రానారె said...

Hey Anonymous, Thank you so much!!
By now you know that I have a great sense of timing to thank you too ;) Sorry about that. :)