Monday, October 16, 2006

Life Turns Glorious

My life is not fantastic any more.
It is glorious now. Glorious because I am struggling.
"The struggle is the glory" - My favourite quote.

I was not happy to keep it fantastic.
Being fantastic felt monotonous.
So I wanted to come out of the confort zone.
I happened to land in a comfort zone which is made without my contribution.
I grew bigger to it and wanted to come out to build my own confort zone.
Exactly here started the struggle.

First I need to get rid of the "LOFS age 21 or over" restriction on my DL.
It has been more than a lengthy process so far:
I need two licensed people, one should be a car owner.
The car owner drives us to a car rental location.
I take a rental car and the other guy will have to drive this car home.
I need a one year experienced licensed person to practice driving.
A licensed person will have to drive my rental car to DPS office.
He has to wait there along with me till I get an appointment for road test.
Then we both come to our workplace.
Both should get permissions to go to DPS office at appointment time.
Should wait for our turn and I should pass the test. But I failed once.
The next day we got appointment again, but...
I had an important meeting exactly at the time of roadtest.

I am patiently waiting for the next time to co-ordinate all these resources.
Waiting needs a lot of patience, this is one struggle, which ends in glory.

Failure throws a lot of queries at you, which makes you struggle to find answers.
Questions on your ability to sustain small challenges, ability of your autonomy.
Finding answers and solutions needs a lot of constructive thinking and composure.
This introspection demands me to spend some time alone, I am just in that stage.

Compared to human struggles across the world, my life is really glorious.

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chaitü said...

WIP means Work In Progress, i was hoping to turn that drawing in to a painting... but i couldn't do it as my friend didn't return that to me :(

btw, Happy Diwali :)