Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blogging Is Like Remembering God

I definitely update this blog when something is continuously bothering me.
While I write down I analyse why I am so restless, by the end I am relaxed.
By the end of that post I am back, ready with a plan of action.
I may forget to update the blog once I feel life is in control.
I haven't written any thing here in this blog for a month.
Reason: Life has been glorious for the past few weeks.

Wonderful trip to Arkansa in Nov second week. Right time to see Fall colors.
Not just the beauty of nature, it was the group of people that made it memorable.
Eleven people in two 7-seaters, changing from one car to the other at each stop, forming different groups in the cars. You can repeate jokes.

Last weeks visit to Houston Space Center, was useful to see a few beautiful girls there. Thanks to Aaraj and Smitha. It was not worth in education point of view.

First time I am experiencing Winter season with temparatures less than zero degree celcius. This is something new to me. It is not safe any more walking home from office.

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