Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fear Is An Infection

Fear is an infection.
It is an epidemic that spreads real fast.
Once spread it incapacitates and disables the people under its grip.
When people are incapacitated in their own mind, life becomes an agony.

This is where we see gutsy people with lot of courage and a great nerve.
They are not afraid, come what may; they never lose hope; they are strong.
They understand one thing - never let the fear creep in you, give a fight.
Because once afraid, you are disabled mentally, it is worse than death and you will wait to die which will be delayed making every minute of your life a mysery.
It is safe to give a fight. Why don't you be among the gutsy personalities!?

Each problem in your day-to-day-life is very big, till a bigger one occurs.
When you have a 'bigger' problem, your 'big' problem doesn't bother you as much.
'Bigger' problem makes you laugh about your earlier concern over the 'big' one.
Think big. Have a big heart. Never be feared by your problems, it is of no use.

You have problems from with-in your family.
You have to face problems from the small society you are living in.
You might be invaded and your plans can any time be destroyed; nothing is permanent.

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These are the thoughts I got after coming out of the AMC threatre show of Apocalypto.
Mel Gibson is one man who can get into the intricacies (Kamal Haasan is another one who can do it), and make you feel the seriousness of each scene and character. I liked the movie very much.
This very element in his 1995 film BraveHeart made me an admirer his story telling skills. I heard his another film PassionOfChrist has the same element depicted.
My other favourites - TheGhostAndTheDarkness, Gladiator emphasize the same.

StuartLittle is also a very courageous and naver-say-die character with a kind heart, he uses his love as a weapon to win hearts. This appears in almost all cartoon/animation pictures. This is one reason I love to watch animation movies. This is the reason I can never miss Tom and Jerry show on TV.


Anonymous said...

Good thought!! the truth is that even the strongest person will have some fear underneath. I do not think that any person can live fearless. Strength lies in overcoming the fears.

kiraN said...

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