Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Opposite Sex - An Implication

What you see is not what you get! You get some thing more!!
This is what happens in Brazos Bend state park.

As planned the day before, I got up by 5.30 am, got ready.
Picked up Aaraj from his home. He was navigating and I was driving.
My longest drive so far. Fifty five miles south-west from home.

We reached Brazos Bend in an hour, it was very cold.
A group of professional bird watchers were there and we joined them.
They are very knowledged about the birds sighted in the park.
Among 270 species of birds of that park we could watch not more than 15.

They know how to approach the birds and how not to scare them away.
Their only aim was to get a close look at the birds.
We were lucky to be with them, as our aim is to get a few nice snaps.
It's the first time to go after birds with camera for both of us.

One of the birders pointed at a very small bird and said -
"It has a red colored bunch of feathers on its head.
That red streak doesn't appear always.
It flashes those red feathers when it is annoyed!
and also when it courts (woos) the opposite sex!"

Aaraj asked me, "Have you heard that?"
I said "Yes, either way is wants to show that it is a redhead"
Aaraj (laugh): "It is not a female, it is a male bird. Now what do you think?"
I said, "Oh, it flashes when it is:
1. Attracted to opposite sex
2. Annoyed
That implies opposite sex is annoying."

He burst into laughter and I joined with a cheerful high-five.
These kinds of laws-of-nature take birth, only when we go out into the nature.
We got some nice pictures.
See Aaraj's (my photography guru) album too.

We are not "planning" to visit it again. We will just go. :)


kiran said...

keep it up

cbrao said...

Surprised to see your birdwatching activity at Brazos Bend State Park. Photos of your and Aaraj are simply nice and are delightful. What photo equipment you and Aaraj are using? Now that you started enjoying birdwatching, plan a trip to Aransas National wildlife refuge. This 70,504 acre refuge is the premier birdwatching site on the Gulf coast.

రానారె said...

Rao garu,
Please excuse me for the delay in replying. I am happy that you liked the pictures. I use Canon S3 IS. aaraj uses Nicon D50. And thank you for the Arkansa info. Weather is opening up for such activity. We might plan such a thing in near future.