Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Idle Brain Is Devils Desktop [June 02 9:14 AM]


I failed the primary written test for drivers license (Texas). Shame?

"Yes", I would have said if the conditions were normal.
Questions were tougher than usual. 30 questions.
If I am not sure of the answer I can skip.
Skipped questions repeat in the end. I can answer them later.
I skipped 12 questions. All the 18 I answered were correct.
Skipped questions started repeating. I started guessing the answers.
What ever I chose turned out to be wrong. I could answer only one question correctly.
I got 64%. Pass percentage is 70. Just two more correct answers, I pass.

Aaraj was at the top of happy-hill.


He told me to thoroughly read DL-handbook  and to take a few on-line model-tests. I took it easy. Bharatan wanted to know why and how.


According to Harsha and Arun, it used to be very easy.


Harsha said it was dead easy. "All dabba questions."

Recently DPS (Dept. of Public Safety, TX) seems to have made changes to the exam.
One must read each and every point in the DL-handbook to pass the exam.


A few questions:

1) When a car is moving at 20mph the lawful breaks should stop it within ---- feet.

2) When a minor (under 21) causes an accident and refuses to give blood samples for a traffic officer, for how long his drivers license will be suspended for the first offence?


They know my age. I am not a minor.
But I am asked this question. Is this test is to make me a traffic officer in Texas? May be!
A few more questions like this ruined me :-)


These are multiple choice questions.


Choices were very close and confusing.
This test reminded me of medical entrance test [EAMCET in Andhrapradesh].
Hmmm, I am giving another attempt. What the heck, I am going to pass this time.


But this failure has a positive side too.


It has made me active and alert again.
For the last one week I did not have proper work in office. Entire day I used to sit idle.

They say,

"Idle brain is devils desktop" ;-)


But, with this jolt I am back again*             *conditions apply ;-)

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