Sunday, July 23, 2006


At last, today I took a firm decision to buy a wallet.
Then I felt relieved as if a heavy load is off my head.

I take out debit card from my pocket... to pay in any shop or cinema or restaurant...
My friends, colleagues and people around express surprise and advise me to have a wallet.
Harsha had already told me to buy me to buy a wallet and carry it.

I ask "why?"
I have asked Harsha, Aaraj and who ever advised me.
All of them said the same thing which could not convince me:
"Chances of losing your credit card is less when it is in your wallet, than in your pocket."
"You can carry all your important documents and other cards and some cash in a wallet"
"You can feel a wallet in your pocket, and can realize soon if you forget or lose it."
"Carrying a wallet always with you is a sign that you are a grown up man."

I am still not convinced because:
1. Chances of losing it increase because a wallet tempts attackers or pickpocketers
2. You can carry cash, docs and other cards in wallet, but what about the chances of losing all at once?
3. Feeling a wallet is unconfortable, it makes your trousers uneven, sitting uneasy.
4. Who should I send the sign that I am grown up man?

None of my doubts are answered by them, but they consider I am unusual.
They are right. Almost everybody carries a wallet.

In US, people talk all over about identity theft and related fraud.
One day I lost my debit card.
I am bothered about it and thought of transfering all my money to Harsha's account, for safety.
After launching a massive search operation, I found it and felt relieved.
I also found out later that, Aaraj hide it there.

In this weak moment I decided to buy and carry a wallet with me.
At least currency notes will be free of wrinkles :)

Till today I used to think wallet is the new name of a purse.
Because the only such thing I ever have seen in my house is a black leather purse that had used by my mother.

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karthik said...

well sir,
chances of stealing wallet r high at the same time u can preserve ur cards n cash better. a theft 'll occur rarely but u've 2 preserve the cash all thru the day.
naa maata vini wallet konandi sir.
its nice that i found another Cuddaphite maintaining a gud blog. keep it up.