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Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity -- Another Angle [June 16 9:36 AM]


I came home from office with a stripe of head-ache and tiredness; and also with a CD burnt with old devotional Telugu songs from


I am not into the devotion part of it, but I firmly believe -- the destiny of my search for melody ends in old classical music and lalita sangeetam into which category all Indian film songs come under.


Even though I have had thankful nights spent listening to AR.Rahman's tunes, have had moments where I felt like touching IlayaRaja's feet for the bliss his music has given to me; old songs are what takes me into the state of Moksha.


Today in office I carefully selected some melodic songs that are based on Karnataka classical music and having devotional touch.

The drive behind this collection of 'devotional' genre is, the pain I have been going through every morning for a few recent weeks.

The pain is caused by Harsha's obsession to start the day with some god-related songs.

I am fine with it but there is a tick.


For weeks together he played songs from the film 'Annamayya' every morning.

After that it was 'Shirdi Sai Mahatyam' for a few more weeks.

Recently it is Nagarjuna starer 'Sri Ramadasu'.

These songs, in my opinion, are molested to bring out the so called 'emotion' in the film.

These very Ramandasu keerthanas are beautifully rendered by the great Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna and some more people, with no distortion.

Having been listened to those marvelous ones, I am unable to bare these molested and twisted ones for the sake of this commercial film.

For example one line from the songs goes on saying how Lord SriRama has grown up “Allah tatvamuna allaru mudduga ...”

But to my knowledge, Islam and Allah are not as old as the lord SriRama.

How ever good these songs are for Harsha, one (at least me) can not endure them if played in the same sequence every morning.


Even though I do not believe in the worship and god-related procedures, I am not against people following them.

If doing Puja comforts the believers, playing devotional songs makes them happy, I am no one to interfere.

But the bug has born in me and it is murmuring in my ears -- "what kind of songs are they, how do you tolerate, they are boring, spoiling your morning ..." :-)


So this was the drive that made me collect some beautiful songs that have pure devotional touch, sung by some people with real devotion, they sing more for self satisfaction than for money.

You want real devotion, real worship? Go back to old times.

There are people who devoted their lives for music. They see God in music and worship him.

Obviously my choice for such music is

I salute and thank the organizers of this website.


I repeat, I came from office with a stripe of head-ache and tiredness; and also with a CD burnt with old devitional telugu songs from .

Eager to listen to them, I inserted the CD in my new five-day-old laptop and plugged in the earphones.

I know for sure neither of my room mates are in the mood to listen to them in this evening time. I am not expecting them to, either.

Nandeesh wants to watch TV.


I relaxed on bed in the hall, closed my eyes and was listening to the songs.


Nandeesh came home after some time and switched on the TV as usual, as expected. It's his right.

Then Harsha came from ouside and joined him. I guess it was a comedy show in the TV, Nandesh was laughing loudly.

Harsha was not so noisy; probably he was a little considerate for me. Later he also joined.

Observing all this was a slight distraction to my rAgsudhA rasa pAnamu (enjoyment of music).


They are watching FIFA world cup football league match replay with Spanish commentary.

Weird thing is they increased the TV volume.

I have no clue why that was necessary when you can't understand a single word, especially Harsha doesn't like that sound.

Now they are talking to each other aloud, dominating TV sound. They have to; otherwise they can't hear each other.

At this point exactly I cursed them in myself, "Senseless people. Inconsiderate ones."


But I have no right to do so, because it is hall and they are supposed to watch TV in the evening after coming from office.

I can go to another room, but didn't want to open my eyes, didn't want to disrupt the flow of music. I endured their atrocities. 

This is where Einstein’s theory of relativity kicks in.


Just then I felt my ears paining. Reason: By birth my ears are not designed to hold earphones.

Lord Brahma might have missed this aspect when designing my body. Manufacturing defect ;-)

I forcibly make the ear-phones sit in my ears and they apply Nuton's third law.


This is distraction number two. This one, slightly sidelined the distraction caused by the "inconsiderate duo". Still I can't forgive them.

Three months back in Bangalore, living all alone in a single bedroom flat,  I was enjoying music in my own way for hours together. Those wonderful days came to mind. I like listening music till I sleep and leave it continue all night.

My father used to stay with me but he never disturbs me. We both enjoy the same set of music.

Even Harsha and I have a common taste. But it is an intersection of the two sets of our favourite genres.

I think I enjoy most of his favorites, but he doesn't actively listen to old songs, which I believe are the ultimate source of melody.

What ever, there was a great pleasure in living alone.

After five minutes I found the pressure in my urinary bladder; it was increasingly intolerable.


This is distraction number three. Very strong one. This one undermined the distraction caused by the "inconsiderate duo". I might forgive them now. See relativity!!

I had to move around because of this mighty pressure.

I just blinked my eyes and closed again.

Seemingly, Harsha noticed me blinking eyes, and switched on the electric bulb whose lighting came directly on to my eyes.


This was distraction number four. But by this time I gave up. It just did not hurt me.

I have forgiven them  (as if they were begging me to forgive them).

How did I become so kind to them? Step by step.

Here is how and why: In each step there was another force which was worse than the earlier one.


I paused the WindowsMediaPlayer, got up and had an orgasmic pleasure in urinating; then had a semi-bath and freshen up.

Entered our kitchen and started to cut Beera(don’t know its English name), tomatoes, chilies and onions to prepare a tasty curry for tonight.

I washed all the utensils and cooked some rise also.

Curry was tasty and mixed well in the rice which means I was in good mood while preparing the curry.

All three of us had a nice dinner.


Just before going to bed, Harsha started ‘Annamayya’ songs, the same Annamayya; and I am awake writing all this.

After a few minutes I guess he went into sleep.

I inserted my CD into the Sony CD player and left it in low volume and slept listening to them.


This morning again, I was the first to start with the songs that I haven’t heard last night

As soon as I went in to take bath, my songs are stopped.

Venkateswara Suprabhatamhas started coming out of it now.

Probably worshippers must listen to suprabhatam every Friday.

I am no body to interrupt it, because I am not aware of the procedures such as what to listen/play on which day (today is Friday).

I enjoy if it is melodious and meaningful; regardless of what ever day, time and mood I’d be in.


All I could do is to learn to live with it. And I did it.

Moral of the story:

Severity of every pain is relative to the other pains one is subjected to at the moment.

Talking and laughing aloud started the pain.

Pain caused by earphones made it look less painful.

Pressure in the bladder overpowered all other pains and made me a saint.

A saint who didn't mind even when light is focussed direcly on to his eyes.

Jai Hind.

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