Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Best Resolution

Ramu: hey chats
ChatsK :hey rams
ChatsK :how u?
Ramu: I am good
Ramu: I am working on improving my glamour
Ramu: How abt you
ChatsK :Good
ChatsK :I have to think abt it now
Ramu: my method is to stop thinking
Ramu: and sleeping not less than 8 hours a day
Ramu: glamour improves automatically. Our HOD in college used to say this: class lo endukee allari, intiki poi haigaa nidrapondi, glamour ainaa perugutundi kadaa!? [why do you disturb others here in classroom, go home and sleep well, it improves atleast your looks]
ChatsK :yes
Ramu: I suffered severe headache for the last one month... that is after I bought the laptop
ChatsK :Ohhh...don't get tight with that man
Ramu: and I was watching a lot of TV "Everybody loves Raymond, Sex n city, Friends, Movies, Telugu DVDs, Tennis, Football etc"
ChatsK : Laptop is addiction
Ramu: it's 4 months since I came to Houston... three months I had only one tablet...last one month I took 4 tablets...
Ramu: then I talked to a doctor friend ... he suggested a few tablets as usual, and then told me to meditate
Ramu: all these are for the cure
Ramu: I asked him -- the prevention?
ChatsK :Don't take tablets much...reduce on laptop
Ramu: you are right... akkadike vastunnaa [coming to the same point]... I asked the doctor "sleeping well helps?"
Ramu: doctor said "The Best."
ChatsK :so, u decided to sleep a lot..
Ramu: doctor: "computer monitor, laptop, TV and light all are stimulating factors for migraine." ... and he told as if he has seen me suffering... he said all my headache symptoms --vomiting sensation, photo-phobia, nerve pain etc
Ramu: so I am implementing it now
Ramu: I have not touched my laptop for two days
Ramu: slept for 8 hours in the two days and will continue
ChatsK :ohh...
ChatsK :total 16 hrs?
Ramu: I can see the difference in office also
Ramu: I am able to smile a lot
Ramu: I am dealing with colleagues really well
ChatsK :Good...
Ramu: I am ready to take any load of work and am doing it with ease
ChatsK :yeah, that’s the power of laptop...
Ramu: though I am awake for less time... I am leading a quality life
Ramu: Inadequate sleep, oh my God, is hell... sleeping is the best medicine
Ramu: Kaavuna Arjunaa, nidura pommu
ChatsK :And sleeping with a partner is....
Ramu: "sleeping with" ... I guess would be wonderful
Ramu: it regulates body functionality
ChatsK :Yes, circulates blood in all parts and gives new energy
Ramu: energy for certain parts
Ramu: and that… temporarily minimizes blood supply to brain, causing sleep...which again is good for health
ChatsK :lot of benefits...with one task
ChatsK : J
Ramu: God bless me with a wonderful partner!!
ChatsK :He will bless u....
Ramu: ASAP
ChatsK :Then lok around...
ChatsK :look around...
Ramu: ... all I see looking around is chairs, tables, monitor, phone, water bottle, CDs, books, pen, stapler, etc...
Ramu: and Shipley donuts ... oh...I forgot to have breakfast
Ramu: I will do it now...
Ramu: I finished my assignment a bit fast ...yesterday itself, and today’s routine is done... waiting for new assignment
Ramu: how about you?
ChatsK :go ahead...breakfast is also important...
ChatsK :I had at home
Ramu: just had a bite of donut... now I knew how hungry I was
Ramu: this is some thing harmful to me: I do not know what to eat and when
Ramu: Many times when Harsha sees me suffering from headache, he gives me a wonderful coffee. It really helps. Until that moment I do not know I need coffee. When some one, mostly my father, gives me coffee I ENJOY it.
Ramu: All coffee donors -- sukheebhava.

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